News For The Weak

by Dan Price

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© 2010 Riv Music
All Songs Used With Permission


released May 1, 2010

All instruments and vocals by Dan Price, except:
Kristen Cambern – Vocals on "Lift Me Up" and "Wisdom of Solomon"
Jen Craft – Vocals on "Lift Me Up" and "When I See the Blood"
Brandon Foote – Mandolin on "Lift Me Up" and "When I See the Blood"

All songs written by Dan Price except:
"When I See the Blood" written by Nathan Partain

Engineered by Dan Price at his house
Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Wert at Elm Street Recording
Artwork by Kristie Henry

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all rights reserved


Riverview Music Lansing Charter Township, Michigan

We like to see our music as varied as the weather here in Michigan; sometimes there's synth beats, sometimes there's banjo, sometimes it's rock, and there's a decent chance someone will say it's too loud. But whatever the style, we hope our music can be used to respond to who God is and what He has done. ... more

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Track Name: Lift Me Up
Lord lift me up,
Lord lift me up,
I need your help
That solid stuff

I’m stuck again,
Lord lift me up

Like Jarius’ daughter
I’ve been asleep,
But you spoke my name
And you came to me

Alive again, like that child you
You Lifted me

Love has power
In Jesus name
Let all who come,
Believe the same

Life for tomorrow and love for today
Again I hear the people say…

One more day,
I’m pressing on
One more age,
I’m going on

I’m working here until I leave
One more praise, love lifted me
Track Name: Isaac and Ishmael
I was sick when I came to you
You were tempted to leave me too
But instead you showed me care
Like I was an angel

I knew then you were listening
My songs I heard you sing
You smiled when I talked
Was it for nothing?

Rules you made were bending
Chains were made for breaking

I cannot live to see another day thrown away by your careless hands
Falling doesn’t keep me down, it’s just a ride, as long as I am free to stand

Do you children of promise know
What the picture is supposed to show
Freedom had a price
That you couldn’t pay

Through Sarah the promise came
To end all the slaving shame
To break all the damning blame
And so to find him
Track Name: When I See the Blood
Christ our Redeemer died on the cross,
Died for the sinner, paid all his due.
Sprinkle your soul with the blood of the Lamb
And I Will pass over you.

Chiefest of sinners, Jesus can save;
All He has promised, surely he’ll do;
Wash in the fountain where sinners can bathe
And I’ll pass over you

When I see the blood,
Of my holy one

my wrath shall be quenched, my judgments be through
When I see the blood of my only son
Yes I will pass over you

Judgment is coming, all will be there.
Each on receiving, justly his due
Hide in the saving, sin cleansing blood,
And I Will pass over you.
Track Name: My Heart is Ready
It’s an old truth from a long time ago
I guess I’ve pushed it away
Like a familiar sound, train whistle blow
Since childhood lost in the gray

Time’s wheel will turn and my sight may leave
My legs may lose their steady
My mind may falter and my hands may shake
You know Lord, my heart is ready
There’s no place that I’d rather be

You see where I wander, my prodigal soul
You call me home every time
Like water in a dry and weary land
Oh mercy I’ll claim as mine

We’ve passed miles together
Sometimes reckless sometimes free
Sometimes leaning on your almighty hand
The best place a man can lean
Track Name: Wisdom of Solomon
Were you calling me
Or somebody else
To do your good works
For the kingdom’s health?

I’m just waitin’ for something
That maybe can’t be heard
And finding errors in the patterns that were burned
Into my mind from the time that I was young
I guess where trust begins is where wisdom comes

If I ask, will you come just like when Solomon was you

Letting go of my diviners hope.
To hold on to the things that will never go.
To close my eyes and find that I believe
In some thing more absolute than anything I can see
Track Name: Adam
You and eve took a token from the apple tree
I just don’t think that you’re gonna see
Where it’s gonna hurt you most

Oh my friend, the way that you walk in step with God in the garden
You are the origin of my embattled flesh and the image of my new man

You and Eve took a token from the apple tree
To open up your eyes and see
Where it’s gonna hurt you most

Dust to dust we are turned into, body black and blue
Thanks to you, I’m a killer too, found my way crawled back to God
Track Name: Oldlife Newlife
Holy God I’ve walked without your love
In my own way, I’ve made a mess on my own
But you have come delivering my soul
With your broken body, you’ve made me whole

I rest, I rest in your hand that holds me up
I wake I wake to see the hope ahead
I’m new for you have given me new life
Now my old life is dead,
but you’ve given yours,
you’ve given yours instead

I was wretched and numb with no hope to call my own
Wicked and destroyed by sin that filled the void
But your hand reached out and pulled me to your grace
And you called me, and you called me your own
Track Name: Earthquakes
The BBC has got a hold on me
In the morning

With my coffee in my hand
And the Bible on the table
I can’t help but listen to the radio

The BBC has got a hold on me
In the morning

With my Bible in my hand
And the coffee on the table
I can’t help but listen to the radio.
Track Name: Sin in the Shadows (demo)
Walking in the wisdom of the wicked
Standing in the corner of mockers
Sitting in the seat of the scoffers
Turning my own way

We built a tower to ourselves
Prideful and stubborn we fell
Rebellious we trusted ourselves
Judas where are you now?

With Sin in the shadows
And the world on the gallows
There’s a man hanging on the
Tree Saving us
Saving all with faith to believe

I want to be like a tree
Planted firmly by water
Whose leaves never wither
Whatever he does prospers

Evil was winning the war
Christ the victor was born
Evil crowned him with thorns
But he rose up, evil was warned!